Two Tribes

Two Tribes
Сервер Unknown
Уровень 70+
Квесты Ring of the Wise King
Награда Manuk CoinМонета Манука — 15 шт.
Splendide CoinМонета Терры — 25 шт.
bExp — 120 000
jExp — 10 000

Шаг 1. Посланник - Просьба Арка

Начало квеста в доме в центральной части города Сплендид (splendide 228, 161).

Сразу у входа разговариваем со Стражем Сплендида (spl_in01 32, 306), его зовут Арк.

Он интересуется, понимаем ли мы его, отвечаем — Да.

Говорим с ним еще раз.

Он просит нас об одной просьбе, интересуемся — Какая просьба?

Нужно найти его подругу, которая ушла в лагерь экспедиции — Понятно.

Подругу зовут Терра, она всегда завязывает растения в узелки, чтобы не заблудиться.

Шаг 2. Попробуйте найти следы Терры

Выходим на локацию перед городом (spl_fild02).

Не далеко от выхода есть завязанная Травинка (spl_fild02 44, 214), её расположение указывает на Юг.

Всего травинок 4, нужно найти все.

Talk to the weeds outside the village (spl_fild02 44, 214), they are knotted and point south.

Talk to the weeds near (spl_fild02 123, 106), they are knotted and point east.

Talk to the weeds near (spl_fild02 330, 192), they are knotted and point north.

Talk to the footprints near (spl_fild02 328, 322), the footprints are headed north.

Near (spl_fild01 343, 109), there are more footprints which lead to the root of a huge tree.

Enter the Nidhoggur's Dungeon found below the Yggdrasil Tree just east (spl_fild01 373, 110) of where the last footprints are found. (This is as far as you need to go in order to start the Guardian of Yggdrasil and Collecting Draco Eggs Quest).

Inside the dungeon, click on the Petrified Sapha (nyd_dun01 57, 222) in the northwest corner.

Walk north a few cells to (62, 232) and climb out of the dungeon.

Return to Arc, he tells you Terra left with some bradium, after some discussion, you decide to head back to the Petrified Sapha.

Return to the Petrified Sapha, after noticing bits of bradium ore scattered about, you decide to go visit the Sapha.

In Manuk, speak to the Villagers near (manuk 278, 177), they mention Terra's arrival in Manuk.

Inside the building at (252, 110) speaks to Snorren (man_in01 175, 59) and offer to interpret for him.

Speak to Snorren again, the guard on the other side of the door says Terra's wounds need to be treated first. Head back to Arc to find out how.

Speak to Arc, he tells you that Yggdrasil Berries are the best way to cure a Laphine's wounds. He gives you 3 and tells you that you can get more at the root of the Yggdrasil Tree.

Collect YggdrasilberryЯгода Иггдрасиля — 1 шт. from the fruit near (spl_fild01 356, 42).

Collect another YggdrasilberryЯгода Иггдрасиля — 1 шт. from the fruit near (spl_fild01 314, 78).

Collect the last YggdrasilberryЯгода Иггдрасиля — 1 шт. from the fruit near (spl_fild01 328, 26).

Return to Snorren with the Berries. (Warning: If you have more than 6 Berries, he will take them ALL)

After giving Snorren the Berries, enter the room behind him. Talk to him then talk to the captured Laphine, she will tell you about the injured Sapha. Her captors are skeptical and want to see proof to ensure they are not being led into a trap.

Return the Petrified Sapha. You will need to take something back with you, take his Muffler and the Bradium.

Return to Snorren with the items, He recognizes that the bradium has not been properly refined and would not have helped Ogen. He also recognizes the muffler as Ogens. He asks you to lead him to the roots of the tree.

Return to the Petrified Sapha, Snorren tells you Ogen is too far gone to be saved. His body can remain as a statue in his honor.

Return to Snorren, he will reward you with Manuk CoinМонета Манука — 15 шт..

Return to Arc, he tells you to meet him at Terra's Yai (splendide 285, 139). Inside, talk to Terra.

Receive Splendide CoinМонета Терры — 25 шт., bExp — 120 000 and jExp — 10 000.

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